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John Knox

Statue of John Knox in New College, Faculty of Divinity, The University of Edinburgh (c) Visual Resources, The University of Edinburgh.

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John Knox by Donald Macleod - Free Church of Scotland
Biographical Sketch of John Knox - Grace Valley Christian Center
Models for Reformation: John Knox - Forerunner
John Knox: The Years of Preparation - Antithesis
John Knox: The Watchman of Scotland - Antithesis
"Give Me Scotland Or I Die!" - Banner of Truth

Sermons and other works

John Knox on Family Worship - Covenant Family Fellowship
John Knox on Discussion in the Assembly - Covenant Family Fellowship

From Still Waters Revival Books

Knox's Call to the Ministry and First Public Debate (32k)

A Vindication of the Doctrine that the Sacrifice of the Mass is Idolatry (87k)
A Summary, According to the Holy Scriptures, of the Sacrament of the Lord's Supper (6k)

A Treatise on Prayer (57k)
A Godly Letter of Warning or Admonition to the Faithful in London, Newcastle, and Berwick (108k)
An Exposition upon the Sixth Psalm of David (79k)

Two Comfortable Epistles to His Afflicted Brethren in England (36k)
A Faithful Admoniton (149k)

A Letter of Wholesome Counsel (16k)
A Notable and Comfortable Exposition upon Matthew IV, Concerning the Temptations of Christ in the Wilderness (44k)
Answers to Some Questions Concerning Baptism, etc. (21k)

Letters to His Brethren, and the Lords Professing the Truth in Scotland (64k)

An Epistle to the Inhabitants of Newcastle and Berwick (48k)
Letter Addressed to the Commonalty of Scotland (35k)
Letter to the Queen Dowager, Regent of Scotland (Augmented Version) (65k)
The Appellation from the Sentence Pronounced by the Bishop and Clergy (124k)
The First Blast of the Trumpet Against the Monstrous Regiment of Women (135k)

A Brief Exhortation to England for the Speedy Embracing of the Gospel Heretofore by the Tyranny of Mary Suppressed and Banished (64k)

Scottish Confession of Faith (59k)

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