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Scottish Preachers
..Horatius Bonar
..Thomas Boston
..Thomas Chalmers
..James Durham
..Sinclair Ferguson
..George Gillespie
..John Kennedy
..John Knox
Calvinistic Methodists
New England Puritans
J Gresham Machen
John Bunyan

Horatius Bonar

From Heath Christian Bookshop
Biography of Horatius Bonar

From Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals
How Shall I Go To God?
God's Will And Man's Will

From Cruse of Oil
How Shall I Go To God?
What Is My Hope?
Instead Of Me
The "Long Time"
I Can't Let Go
Whither? Whither?
Christ Died For The Ungodly

From Gospel Pedlar
Acceptance With God
God's Character Our Resting Place
Another's Righteousness For Us
Poor Faith
6000 Years Of Evil
God's Testimony Concerning Man
Man's Own Character No Ground Of Peace
Romans 4:25 & The Death Of Christ
Righteous Grace

From Christian Classics Ethereal Library
God's Way Of Peace

From Sovereign Grace Resources
God's Will and Man's Will

From Sovereign Grace Web Site
Do You Rejoice in His Sovereignty?

Grace For Today's Bonar Page

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Updated June 9, 2000
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