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James Durham

1622 - 1658

Concerning Prophesying - Presbyterian Church of Eastern Australia

Preface & Chapter 1 of Lectures on Job - Naphtali Press
"It is certain to be good, for Durham is always admirable." - C.H. Spurgeon

An Historical Introduction to A Treatise Concerning Scandal
(by Dr. David Lachman) - Naphtali Press
Author's Introduction - Naphtali Press
Treatise Concerning Scandal (Part II, Chapter II) - Naphtali Press

The Fourth Commandment
"Whatever Durham has written is very precious. He has the pen of a ready writer, and indites good matter." - C.H. Spurgeon

Introduction to The Fourth Commandment - Naphtali Press
Morality of the Fourth Commandment - Naphtali Press
Family Worship - Naphtali Press
The Particular Morality of the Fourth Commandment - Naphtali Press
The Change of Day - Naphtali Press
The Sanctification of the Day - Naphtali Press

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