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This is an excerpt from Mary Maud Lindsey's book, Thirteen Southern Families.

     It has not been determined as of this date how our McDougal ancestors who came to America fit in exactly with the Clans of MacDougal and Campbell of Scotland. Our first records found on our immigrant ancestors, Duncan and Ann Campbell McDougal ("McDougal" is the way our line most often has spelled the name; some records spell it "McDougald") is a record set out by the late Mrs. Patience McDougal Broyles, who compiled this record from various Bible records of members of the family. I was able to obtain a copy of her records from Mr. Edwin Ledbetter, a lawyer in Savannah, Tennessee. A record of this and other McDougal records is on file in the Tennessee State Archives and History at Nashville. It was sent by Mr. Edmund Patterson of San Bernadino County, California. These records contained the names and birth dates of the children of our immigrant ancestors, Duncan and Ann, and the date of birth of each. Records on their arrival in America and records of other McDougals who arrived in North Carolina in mid and late 1700's were found in various books and court records.

     It is estimated that Duncan McDougal was born around 1740 and possibly his wife was born near the same time. This figure is arrived at by the fact that their first child was born in 1764 in Argyllshire Kenture (Cantyre), Scotland. Mrs. Broyles' records say "Kenture", but some records say it is spelled "Cantyre". From Mrs. Broyles' records and Mr. Patterson's records, we find the following list of the names of the children of Duncan and Ann and the birth record of each:

  1. John McDougal, born 1764 in Argyllshire, Scotland.

  2. Alexander McDougal, March 26, 1767, Scotland (this is the line from whence Mrs. Broyles and Mr. Patterson descend).

  3. Daniel McDougal, born October, 1769, Argyllshire, Scotland.

  4. Archibald McDougal, born March 25, 1775, Argyllshire, Scotland.

  5. Duncan McDougal, born October 11, 1779, Cumberland County, North Carolina.

  6. Ann Nancy McDougal, born October 11, 1779, Cumberland County, North Carolina. (Duncan and Ann Nancy were twins)

  7. James McDougal, born 1780, Cumberland County, North Carolina.

  8. Katherine McDougal, born 1784, Cumberland County, North Carolina.

     The records of Mrs. Broyles stated that the first four children were born in Scotland and when the fourth son was old enough to sit alone, they migrated to America.

     A ship's passenger list found by this writer states that Duncan McDougal and family came to North Carolina on the ship Jupiter which arrived in North Carolina in 1775. Mrs. Broyles' records state they settled near Dunn, North Carolina. Cumberland County court records also bear this out. Records on this McDougal family in Cumberland County have been hard to figure out, as there were several migrations of McDougals into that area about that time and many bore the same given names. This also has made it almost impossible to find out if our Duncan was a patriot during the Revolutionary War, but in the opinion of this writer, he must have been, as his eldest son served in the Revolutionary War.

     Several groups of McDougals came into North Carolina prior to our Duncan. In 1767 some came to Brunswick, later moving to the same vicinity in Cumberland County where our Duncan and family lived. These earlier McDougals who arrived in Cumberland County sailed from the Isle of Juro in Argyllshire and each received 199 acres of land granted by King Edward I (Editor's Note: this couldn't possibly have been Edward I - it was more likely George I). A record found in the Secretary of State Office at Raleigh, North Caroline states there were eleven families of McDougals on this early ship from Juro. From other records found, it appears that most of these earliest McDougals that came into North Carolina were Tories.

     We have been unable to determine, from court records or other sources, if Duncan and Ann remained in North Carolina or if they migrated to Alabama with some of their children. No will or estate settlement has been found for Duncan in North Carolina. Many early records of that county are missing, so it is possible that he died in North Carolina. If they came to Alabama, they bought no land; nor has a will or estate settlement been found for him in Lauderdale County, Alabama.

The Children of Duncan and Ann Campbell McDougal

John McDougal

Alexander McDougal

Daniel McDougal

Archibald McDougal

Ann Nancy McDougal

Duncan McDougal

James McDougal

Katherine McDougal

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